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See What People Are Saying About Jewish Family Home Care

Learn how we’ve provided compassionate care for families in South Florida

They come to clean the house. They do everything beautifully. Overall, they're doing excellent work.


I recommend Jewish Family Home Care to my friends and relatives. They call me often, and I am very satisfied with all the services from them.


I love the caregiver that they send me.


We are very grateful for all the services and the caregivers are very kind.


I thank God my mom has them. They are able to work out the schedule and everything. She seems to be happy, so it makes me happy.


They are pretty friendly. They are always responding to our needs. I think they are doing a good job.


They are professional, they are understanding, and the care is very useful.


They do a beautiful job. When they come in, the house looks like you could eat off the floor.


I appreciate the service very much and don't know what I would do without it. I love everything that Jewish Family Home Care does for me.