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See What People Are Saying About Jewish Family Home Care

Learn how we’ve provided compassionate care for families in South Florida

I am old and not able to clean my house properly. They [Jewish Family Home Care caregivers] clean my house perfectly.
I would like to have them [Jewish Family Home Care caregivers] more, I appreciate all that they do. I'm just thankful we have them because it makes life easier for me. They help the most by taking care of him [senior patient] and being with him while I'm gone at work.
They [Jewish Family Home Care caregivers] helped me the most by helping me with my depression and loneliness.
She [caregiver] talks and we have coffee. We discuss things and became friends over time.
She [caregiver] shows compassion when she goes out with my mother to the mall or out to walk. She treats her like her own mother.
They [client's caregivers] make her happy and talk and laugh with her. They like to do her nails as well as make her meals. They are like family to her. They lay in bed with her and talk with her and she is happy with them [her caregivers].
We are like good friends!
My mom likes her [caregiver] a lot and doesn't want to change her. She is more comfortable with this caregiver.
She [caregiver] tries to help with what I need and she always smiles.