Caring for Seniors of All Faiths


Many times, being a long-distance caregiver means worrying about a parent or family member with dementia. This is when our Dementia care can step in to relieve some of that pressure. With our dementia care, your loved one can age in place comfortably in familiar surroundings. Because different stages of dementia require different levels of care, it can be challenging. At Jewish Family Home Care, we have caregivers specially trained in dementia care. As your loved one’s dementia progresses, the level of care will adjust, and the care plan will be changed to meet those needs. Our caregivers can advise if more time is needed with a caregiver if your loved one shows signs of need in between visits, and over time.

What sets our services apart is that we are NOT a “one size fits all” package. Our services are custom designed for each stage of dementia, so your family member is treated with dignity, respect and the compassion they deserve.  Continuity of caregivers is a very important part of caring for a confused, dementia client.  We strive to provide the same caregiver as much as possible to alleviate any confusion or regression that the client may display if there are multiple caregivers in the home at different times.

Benefits of Long-Distance Caregiving

The benefits of home care are many. Home care can help to preserve the dignity of your family member and build their confidence by having a trusting relationship with the caregiver(s) who are interacting with them in the comfort of their home.

With home care, your family member can receive all the help they need while still in the familiar setting of their home. Your loved one can sleep in their own bed surrounded by loved possessions and cherished memories. Providing care in an environment that your family member knows well can reduce the risks of falls and injuries because the surroundings are familiar. Additionally, a caregiver can provide companionship, have family and friends visit, and receive phone calls without limits.

We at Jewish Family Home Care are here to take care of your family member as if they were one of our own. Contact Jewish Family Home Care at 954-908-5677 and within 48 hours our supervisory RN will interview your senior loved one at his/her home, assessing their physical and emotional needs. Together we will determine the best situation and schedule to meet your loved one’s needs and budget.