Senior Home Care Services in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Senior Caregivers Serving Fort Lauderdale, FL

Your loved ones deserve the best care – and at JFHC, that’s exactly what they’ll get!

Need senior in-home care services in Fort Lauderdale? Jewish Family Home Care is one of the premier providers for non-medical home care services for seniors. We will help ensure that your loved one remains comfortably in their home and  receives top-quality care. We build our in-home care philosophy upon providing reliability, compassion, and trust to those who entrust their loved ones to us.

Conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale, Jewish Family Home Care is a premier local choice for trusted in-home senior care. Our local employees regularly live and work in the area, making them the perfect companions for you or your loved one.

We understand you cannot be there 24/7, so making these care decisions can be extremely difficult. You want to choose an in-home senior care provider who you can trust. The reality is that most seniors are not ready to trade in their independence or vacate their homes.

That’s where we come in! We help bring home health care to them, making their lives and daily tasks easier than ever before. We will help you keep your loved one in their home and ensure they stay safe and happy.

At JFHC, we understand that taking care of your senior loved ones can be a huge undertaking for younger family members with small children and careers of their own. That’s why our team takes some of that pressure off and helps families by providing friendly and reliable senior care at every turn.

You want the best for your loved ones, that’s why we build our in-home care team with some of the most compassionate, energetic, and loving professionals around. They will not only help keep your loved ones safe and happy but will also become a friendly face of comfort.

We know just how critical this decision is for everyone involved, and it’s easy to push it off, as the thought of bringing someone into your home to help can be daunting. But we can help!

Our goal is to provide you with some much-needed daily peace of mind and the comfort of knowing we will fully support those who you have entrusted to us while enriching their lives and quality of life as much as possible.

Want to learn more about your senior home care options in Fort Lauderdale? Please don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.

Why Choose Jewish Family Home Care in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

At Jewish Family Home Care, we strive to always provide superior, quality senior care for your family. Because we are committed to helping seniors live fuller and healthier lives every day, we continuously look for new and inspiring ways to better serve our families with their daily needs. Additionally, we always prioritize providing real value and enriching the daily lives of every family.

We are proud of the passionate and reliable team we have built here at Jewish Family Home Care. You can always count on us! We are ready to help you and your loved ones move forward in health and happiness in Fort Lauderdale.

Why Choose JFHC?

So why should you choose Jewish Family Home Care of Fort Lauderdale? We provide top-tier in-home senior care that you can trust! Our multi-point senior care model sets us apart and helps us provide superior care for those senior residents of Fort Lauderdale. We keep our process simple and care-focused with a personal touch of compassion and trust. Our friendly staff members adhere to some of the highest caregiving standards around, including developing personalized care plans, creating lasting connections with our families, and receiving on-going training to provide optimal results.

Need flexible scheduling options? We can accommodate any care schedule needed and work with your family to meet your needs – whatever they may be – keeping you as involved as you want to be.

How Do I Get Started with Senior Home Care in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

Does our trusted in-home senior care sound like a great fit for you or your loved one? Then it’s time to speak with one of our friendly team members to find out more about our senior home care services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Once we’ve learned more about your unique care needs, we will schedule a consultation with one of our experienced home care RN’s where you will get personalized information about how we can help you, what services are a good fit, what your care plan will look like, and your active involvement throughout the process.

You Want the Best Care. They Deserve the Best Care. We Provide the Best Care.

Ready to get started?

If you would like to set up an appointment or learn more about our senior home care services, please fill out our contact form here.

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Jewish Family Home Care offers non-medical care services to the elderly