Overnight Care

Senior client peeling potatoes with his caregiver

Evenings Are a Time for Rest

But for some older adults, nighttime is anything but relaxing.

Some factors that inhibit a person’s ability to get a good night’s sleep include:

How Can an Overnight Caregiver Help?

Our overnight caregivers are available to help with an older adult’s evening routine of going to bed each night, bedside assistance, and getting ready for the day in the morning. By providing additional assistance a few hours before bedtime, during the night, and/or early in the morning, we foster a more relaxing and restful environment overnight.

We can assist with everything from repositioning the person in bed to providing companionship for those who may experience discomfort when left alone or feel disorientated after sleeping.

Is Overnight Care Right for a Person You Love?

Overnight care involves a caregiver staying awake and alert throughout the night to support any non-medical needs. To learn more about round-the-clock care, please see our page about 24-Hour Care.

With overnight home care, you can spend the night in your own home without stressing about the health and safety of your loved one.

We aim to help everyone live comfortably in their homes by postponing or even eliminating the need for older adults to move to a residential care or nursing facility.

Sleep Well…We’ll Take the Night Shift

We know you have a lot on your mind as a family caregiver. Partner with Jewish Family Home Care, the award-winning provider of home care services in Pembroke Pines, Davie, Tamarac, Hollywood, Hallandale Beach, and throughout Broward County.

You can reach us any time at 954-908-5677 or contact us online to request a free in-home consultation and see if overnight care is the ideal solution for you.