Post-Surgical Care

Caregiver helping senior client using a walker

Not All Surgical Recoveries Take Place in the Hospital

Many of today’s medical procedures have become routine outpatient events. After surgery, the patient goes home to recover in the comfort of their own surroundings. Home is often the best place to recover because it’s where people feel the most comfortable and get the best rest.

We understand there is not always enough time or energy to care for a parent or loved one after they undergo surgery. A lack of proper support following surgery can lead to a much slower recovery or a re-admission to the hospital.

That’s where Jewish Family Home Care comes in!

What Is Post-Surgery Transitional Care?

Post-surgical care is rehabilitative care provided immediately following a surgical procedure and throughout the healing process.

This type of care is especially needed if someone suffers from memory loss or has trouble reading fine print.

It can be very difficult to follow the doctor’s instructions for medications, diet requirements, etc. after discharge from the hospital if the person cannot see to read them or fully comprehend the instructions.

You can count on Jewish Family Home Care to help ensure a speedy recovery with the assistance of an RN-supervised caregiver in the home. Our experts can assist with:

Benefits of In-Home Post-Acute Care

After undergoing a surgical procedure, people should be able to heal in the comfort of home.

Our award-winning, experienced, and diverse caregivers are available to help monitor health status and ensure that the individual gets all the rest they need to heal physically and mentally.

We understand that after a hospitalization, there is a post-operative treatment plan to follow. With a team of RNs overseeing each of our post-operative home care plans, families can feel confident that care is tailored to the needs of the individual, per the doctor’s instructions.

Transitional Care FAQs

Do I need to do any advance planning?

The doctor can provide an anticipated length of recovery time. Based on that information, you may wish to have the home cleaned before your loved one’s surgery so they can return to a sterile environment. Shop for foods that follow any diet requirements. Be sure to get the aftercare directions from the physician and pick up prescriptions for post-surgery recovery.

I’m worried about falling. Can you help?

Yes. We closely monitor patient recovery, and can assist with small and large tasks. Our team can provide a safety assessment and offer ongoing assistance to help with walking, transferring, and rebuilding strength and stamina.

What if I need post-surgical care for only a day or two?

Our award-winning home care services are available for as little or as long as needed. Select from a variety of options that are customized to meet the specific care needs of each individual.

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