Personal Emergency Response

Senior client wearing a personal emergency services wristband

Providing Safety and Security With Personal Emergency Response Systems

Jewish Family Home Care and Guardian are recognized leaders in personal emergency response systems (PERS) and monitoring programs. At the time of an emergency, a Guardian Care Representative assesses your situation and calls for appropriate assistance. Most importantly, we remain in communication with you until help arrives, giving you the peace of mind you need at all times.

Our comprehensive lineup of systems all offer a water-resistant pendant and battery backup in the event of a power outage. Your Jewish Family Home Care representative will help you select the product that best meets your individual needs.

Landline Systems

Landline System - Basic Home PERS

Basic Home PERS

This is our most popular system. With the simple press of the HELP button, the user instantly receives two-way communication for assistance. There is an optional water-resistant pendant that can be worn as well.

Caregiver Connect PERS

Caregiver Connect PERS

The EMERGENCY button on the base connects the user to a caregiver or family member. The optional two-way voice pendant covers an extended range – up to five acres from the base unit. This empowers older adults to stay active outdoors and around their property without losing access to emergency help if needed.

Cellular Systems

Advanced Cellular Pers Emergency Response System

Advanced Cellular PERS

This home-based cellular system provides connectivity for the user: no landline or cell phone needed. This model also offers an extended-range pendant to allow seniors to remain active outdoors and around their property.

GPS Go Anywhere Mobile PERS

GPS Go Anywhere Mobile PERS

For users on the go, this model provides instant access to help, wherever they may be. GPS technology allows support personnel to identify the user’s location. The accompanying pendant includes a battery with 96 hours of life, and is both lightweight and water-resistant.

Special Accessories

Auto-fall Sensor Pendant

Auto-Fall Sensor Pendant

The auto-fall sensor works with all of the above models. The user simply wears the pendant, and if a fall should occur, emergency help will immediately be contacted.

Special Accessories - Watch emergency response device for seniors

Watch Pendant

This PERS can be worn in whatever way is most comfortable for the user: either as a pendant connected to a lanyard, or in a wristband, like a watch. Both options are included with the PERS.

Wander Management and Life Safety

  • Door and window contacts
  • Pressure sensitive alarms
  • Gas and smoke detectors
  • Camera systems

Lock Box

The lock box stores a key to the user’s residence. In an emergency situation where the user cannot get up and open the door, the response personnel will have access to the home.

Ready to Improve Safety for Someone You Love?

Contact us any time at 954-908-5677 to learn more about our personal emergency response systems, available in Pembroke Pines, Hallandale Beach, Davie, Hollywood, Tamarac, and throughout Broward County.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have and help you gain the relief that comes from knowing someone you love is safer and more secure, at home or on the go.