Stay-At-Home Activities for Seniors During COVID-19 Pandemic

Stay-At-Home Activities for Seniors During COVID-19 Pandemic

To help slow the spread, communities and cities are asking their residents to stay home and maintain social distancing. At Jewish Family Home Care, we are committed to providing up to date information and helpful tips to protect the health and safety of our clients, staff, and community.

Seniors over 65 and those with compromised immune systems are at the highest risk of getting COVID-19 and typically have a much harder time recovering. So, it is essential that they self-isolate and stay at least six feet apart from other people when possible to protect themselves. However, this can be a challenging time for seniors, especially when the highlight of their day is getting out of the house or having family and friends stop by for a visit. Being asked to stay inside for weeks on end can be difficult and cause many to feel overwhelming loneliness and sadness.

Luckily there are plenty of activities for seniors that they can participate in to help lift their spirits and keep them entertained during the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic until they are finally able to spend in-person time with their family again.

A few ideas to keep loved ones occupied while at home include these activities for seniors:

1. Video Calls with Family – This is one of the best activities that seniors can do while they have to stay at home. Being able to talk to their family and friends will help them feel connected to the outside world and not feel so alone. This is especially helpful when they’re able to have a video conversation and see their family’s smiling faces. Seniors can use FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, and other video call programs to stay connected with their family and friends.

2. Jigsaw Puzzles – Send your loved one a puzzle in the mail or encourage them to pull out one they’ve had sitting in their closet to keep them occupied. When you’re looking for one to buy, find one that will spark their interest, such as a landscape or cityscape. This activity will give them something to do for hours.

3. Go for a Walk Outside – It’s important for seniors to get some fresh air and soak up some much needed Vitamin C. If they’re able to safely take a walk around their homes, this will help them feel a sense of connection as they’ll most likely see other people walking at a distance or a few cars driving by.

4. Draw Using Mosaic Art – Drawing can be therapeutic and help pass the time. It’s an excellent way for the elderly to bring out their creativity while doing something that will help calm their nerves. Visit GoldenCarers, for downloadable arts and crafts.

5. Listen to Audiobooks – For many seniors reading a book can be difficult due to their eyesight. Get them set up with an audiobook service so they can easily listen to books without the struggle of straining their eyes.

6. Online Games – Most games are available to play online, from Scrabble, crossword puzzles to Wheel of Fortune. Many games are free, and there are even some that allow multiple players. So even when seniors can’t be in the same room, they can still play with family and friends.

7. Matching Game With Playing Cards – It’s a great way for the elderly to keep their memory sharp and in tip-top shape, while making a game of it.


Stay-At-Home Activities for Seniors During COVID-19 Pandemic


Protecting Both Seniors and Caregivers from COVID-19

If your elderly loved one is living with you during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s essential that you’re both receiving proper care. Make sure that any seniors in your home can maintain a six-foot distance from other people living in the house and wear masks whenever they are close to someone else. Make sure that you do your due diligence and always wash your hands for at least 20 seconds anytime you’ll be coming into contact with seniors. Also, ensure that you’re taking care of yourself and finding time to be alone to relax and take a break from providing care, so when you need to get back to it, you feel re-energized.

Please reach out directly to Jewish Family Home Care, Hollywood, FL home health care providers for the surrounding area, with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the safety of you or your loved ones.