Tips to Help Seniors Feel Independent

The Top Tips to Help Seniors Feel Independent

A recent survey finds that our aging loved ones have a great fear of losing their independence as they grow older.  It’s important that we help seniors keep their independence for as long as possible.

How can we help seniors feel independent when the ability to do the things they love may become more difficult?  Read on to find tips for helping your loved ones feel independent, even if they have the assistance of a caregiver in their home.

Home Modifications to Help Seniors

It’s estimated that one in four aging Americans will fall each year.

You may need to make changes to your loved one’s home so they can safely perform their basic activities of daily living. Some common home modifications that may help your loved one include grab bars, easy access to necessities, and stair lifts.

Placing grab bars in areas where your loved one may easily fall, will give them additional support to prevent a serious injury from occurring.  Depending on their needs, you may want to install grab bars in their bathrooms and bedroom.

Ask Instead of Tell

Let your aging parents make as many of their own decisions as possible. Give them choices about meals, clothing, and what to watch on TV, and offer several choices for them whenever possible.

After paying monthly bills, let your loved one keep some of their money to spend how they wish.  It’s important to pay close attention to their financial statements to be sure they haven’t been the victim of a scam.

Approach Home Care with Gentility

When they have to depend on someone to fill their basic needs, your loved one will feel their independence slipping away. Letting them come to the conclusion that home care is the best option for them, will help them feel more independent.

It’s important when choosing your caregiver that they respect your loved one’s independence. The right caregiver will help seniors in their basic daily activities while making sure they keep their dignity.

Keep Your Loved One Active

Seniors fear losing their friendships and becoming isolated. Look for activities in your area that help seniors stay active and in touch with others.  Or, spend time with them partaking in activities they enjoy, such as baking, gardening, or taking a scenic walk in the park.

Make sure to give your loved one a choice of activities to choose from so they can engage with others who have similar hobbies. Never force your aging parents to do anything they do not want to do.

Encourage your parents to keep up with their hobbies at home.  If they enjoy painting or drawing, help them organize their supplies so they can easily reach them whenever they want.

Don’t Be Afraid of Technology to Help Seniors Stay in Touch

senior-friendly cell phone or tablet can help your loved ones stay in touch with your family. These devices have large buttons, big screens, and are designed to be very easy to use.

Many of these senior-friendly cellphones require no contract, are hearing aid compatible, and include emergency alert options.

Home monitoring systems help family members monitor their loved one’s daily activities and receive notifications if their home monitoring system senses a disruption.  Some of these systems include built-in communication systems.  This allows you to receive alerts that give you the ability to communicate with them immediately through phone, email, or text.

Not only does this new technology help seniors keep in touch when loved ones are not around, it also helps to keep them safe while still living in the comfort of their home.

Finding the Right Help Near You

Your aging parents may not need the help of a full-time caregivers just yet. They may be in the beginning stages of needing occasional assistance from a care giver, but able to remain independent in many ways.

The right caregivers will help seniors to help themselves with dignity and understanding. When choosing a caregiver, you need to make sure he or she understands how important it is for your aging loved one to keep their independence.

Home care for seniors is a great way to help your loved one continue living a good quality of life while keeping their independence.  Our focus is the health and happiness of your loved one.

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