4 Tips That’ll Make Caring for Elderly Parents Easier

senior home care

Caring for elderly parents is a hard job, more so when they have conditions that make them prone to accidents. With weaker bones, even a simple fall can be fatal.

Without medical training, how can you make sure that your elderly parents are always safe and given the right care and attention?

Follow the steps below to find out how you can give them the care they need.

Evaluate the Amount of Care Needed

First, you need to figure out how much care and supervision your elderly parents need. Do they have certain conditions that will restrict movement? Do you need to feed them their meals?

See which times of the day they need your help. Is night time a particularly hard time for them? Or do they need someone to watch them 24/7?

You’ll get the answers when you care for them for a few days. Take notes to evaluate what kind of services they need.

Modify the House for Maximum Comfort and Safety

Caring for elderly parents at home necessitates that the space they’re living in is comfortable and safe for them. If they use wheelchairs, transfer their room downstairs and make the other areas accessible by wheelchair. Falling is the most common cause of hospitalization and fatal injuries among older adults.

Replace your doorknobs with lever handles for easier use, and make sure the light switches are reachable from the wheelchair. Look around for some safety hazards as well, such as insufficient lighting, slipping hazards, and such.

Evaluate the Amount of Care You Can Give

Then, ask yourself if you can keep up with taking care of aging parents. You likely have a job, which means you won’t be able to give all the care they need in one day.

If the circumstances permit, you may fashion your schedule to make sure you’ll be there on the times when your parents need you.

Have Someone to Share the Responsibility With

The best course would be to ask relatives or even friends to lend a hand. A good-hearted person may offer to watch your elderly parents while you work, for example.

Still, the best person to look after a senior person is a professional who has had training and education on what an elderly needs depending on their condition. Even if it costs money, it might turn out to still be a cheaper option than losing your source of income. It also ensures that your parents are getting the care they need and deserve.

Caring for Elderly Parents the Right Way

Sometimes, the best way to care for your parents is to allow a professional to help. As the top provider of Sunrise personal care and care throughout the surrounding areas, we’re here with as much or as little assistance as you need.

If you want only the best way of caring for elderly parents, contact us today and let’s tailor the right kind of service for you and your loved ones.