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5 Fun Activities to Do With Aging Loved Ones

As parents grow older and start to lose some of their independence, it becomes more important to spend time with them doing fun activities.

Whether your parents are living with you or have home care at their house, they need to have some fun every week.

But what activities are enjoyable for your elderly parents? Ask them what they want to do and suggest some ideas for things you can do together. To get started, consider these 5 fun activities your aging loved ones will enjoy.

1. Gardening

Gardening is a great way to get your parents outdoors.  It doesn’t require very much physical activity, so it’s something they can enjoy without pushing themselves too hard.

If they need help planting or bending over, you’ll be there to make it easy on them. Gardening is the perfect way to get them outdoors and working on something that will grow and progress over time.

2. Baking and Cooking

Another great hands-on activity to do with aging loved ones is baking or cooking. You can even use some of the vegetables in your new garden to cook together!

If there’s a special occasion coming up such as a birthday or holiday, baking is a great way to get your loved one excited and involved. Not only do you get the joy of baking, but you can eat delicious treats when it’s all done.

3. Learn New Games

For elderly parents with less mobility and energy, learning new card or board games is a great way to keep the mind sharp and have fun with family. You can find a game that’s new to both of you and learn it together.

4. Go to a Park

Making a habit of going for walks in a park every morning or evening is not only great for your parents’ health but also enjoyable as well.

If your parents are stuck inside for most of the day, it’s important to get some time moving out in nature. Even a simple trip to the park can make a huge difference in their attitude and mood each day.

5. Read Books Together

It may be difficult to find a lot of activities you can share with your aging parents, especially if they have low mobility. But one thing you can share is the gift of reading books together.

You can pick out a book that interests you and assign chapters for each week. At the end of the week, you’ll meet and discuss the book and your thoughts on what you’ve read. This is a great way to keep your parents’ minds going while also starting a fun activity that can be shared.

Your Elderly Parents Deserve the Best

If you want to do what you can to improve your elderly parents’ quality of life, try these five fun activities out. Your parents will become more active and excited about each day, and you’ll have something special to share together.

Contact us today for the best home care for aging loved ones, because they deserve the very best.