Home Health Care vs. Nursing Homes 101 Guide: What’s the Difference, Pros and Cons, and More!

As the news media continues to cover the difficulties nursing homes and assisted living facilities have faced during the COVID-19 outbreak, many families are comparing home health care vs. nursing homes and seeking ways to keep their loved ones at home, allowing them to live in the comfort of their own home without the threat of the second wave of Coronavirus.

In addition, opening phases continue to advise those most at risk, senior adults and those with chronic health issues, to continue social distancing and stay “safer at home.” Knowing that families of seniors are striving to make the best decision for their loved ones now and into the future, the team at Jewish Family Home Care has compiled the ultimate guide on home health care vs. nursing homes.

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Home Health Care vs. Nursing Homes: Definitions

Home Health Care vs Nursing Homes 101


When seniors find their health is failing or they need extra help to go about their normal daily lives, the question of aging in place with home health care versus moving into a nursing home arises quickly. The choice is never an easy one for seniors and their loved ones but evaluating the differences between home health care vs. nursing homes can help make the process easier.

Some seniors want to remain independent in the comfort of their own home, while others want the socialization and need the 24/7 medical care that nursing homes can deliver. The deciding factor in many cases is how much help does the senior adult require. Daily help for some means assistance around the house with daily living activities from meal prep to cleaning as well as medication preparation assistance and reminders. For others, ongoing medical assistance is needed around the clock.

Home Care

  • Options can be limited to a few hours weekly or extend to 24/7 care.
  • Caregivers may include home health aides or certified nursing assistants that provide companion care and assistance with daily living activities like meals, hygiene, transportation, mobility, housekeeping, medication reminders, and more.
  • Certified dementia care providers can assist those who are in mild to moderate stages.
  • Seniors can age in place, happily maintaining their normal quality of life.
  • Most seniors who age in the comfort of their own home require up to 50 percent fewer physician visits per year.
  • Families seeking home care for their loved one can utilize an agency for qualified candidates, like Jewish Family Home Care, assuring you peace of mind every day by providing compassionate, friendly, trusting and reliable care to your loved one.

Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities

  • Provide 24/7 medical care and assistance, as well as personal care needs, mobility assistance, meals, laundry, cleaning, and therapy as needed.
  • When full-time care is needed, nursing homes are often the options chosen by families for their loved ones.
  • These residential facilities offer private rooms and semi-private rooms along with activities like musical performances, games, fitness activities, crafts, and more.
  • Transportation is provided when needed for outside medical care and in some instances, outings for shopping and other activities.
  • Provide memory care services for those in the latter stages of Alzheimer’s or Huntington’s Disease.

Jewish Family Home Care offers overnight and 24-home care.

Pros and Cons of Home Care


  • Seniors remain comfortably in their own homes and maintain their independence.
  • Caregivers visit, assisting with all levels of care, as needed.
  • Family and friends can visit without restrictions, allowing seniors to avoid loneliness and maintain their overall wellbeing.
  • Home care is often more affordable than a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Disadvantages (But Not Really!) 

  • The home may need refitting to accommodate the seniors needs (railings, ramps, etc.).
  • If caregivers change frequently it is unsettling to many older adults. With Jewish Family Home Care, this will not be a problem because we provide compassionate, friendly, trusting, and reliable care.
  • The added social activities of nursing home care are missing with home care. However, there are many activities that seniors and their family/caregiver can come up with, especially during this time of quarantine when it’s best if your loved one remains isolated from others.

The Pros and Cons of Nursing Home Care


  • Care in a nursing home is around the clock, and ensures all living needs are provided.
  • Nursing home facilities offer activities for seniors to enjoy with other residents. Some nursing homes also offer outings for residents. During these times of uncertainty, we recommend seniors to quarantine and avoid going out.


  • Nursing home care is more costly.
  • Seniors may find it hard to adjust to residential living and miss their independence.
  • Many nursing homes have limits on visiting hours which make family visits more difficult.
  • In some cases, nursing homes are some distance from family and friends, making visits and joining family for activities more difficult.

Making the Right Choice for Your Loved Ones

Home Health Care vs Nursing Homes 101 Guide


The choice for seniors between home health vs. nursing homes is a hard one. Every family and situation is unique, but the goal is always keeping your loved ones properly cared for and protected.

Jewish Family Home Care, the leading provider of elder care in Sunrise, FL and surrounding areas, can help. Please contact us and discover how our well-trained caregivers can help you provide the best care for your loved ones.