What Life Will Look Like for Seniors Upon the Re-Opening Phases of the County/State

During re-opening phases, senior adults and those with chronic health issues, such as: lung disease, Asthma, Heart conditions, Cancer, Diabetes should continue to take careful precautions like maintaining social distancing and wearing masks. Community and government leaders find themselves walking on a fine line as they continue their efforts to slow the spread of the Coronavirus while relaxing restrictions and reopening the economy.

The approach is a deliberate three-stage plan designed to allow Americans to return to a state of normalcy and keep everyone as safe as possible. As we are getting used to some of the restrictions being lifted, seniors will need to remain vigilant to avoid possible infection. Here are some tips to help senior adults safely navigate the re-opening phases of the state.

The Three Re-Opening Phases Ahead

As the phases are implemented, restrictions will be relaxed and restaurants, schools, and other businesses will be allowed to open, with certain restrictions. Hospitals will resume elective procedures and visits will be permitted to senior living facilities once again. The phased re-opening is predicated on the notion that every individual will continue to exercise appropriate hygiene and stay at home when feeling ill. Maintaining everyday precautions which have been in place since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak are needed to avoid additional outbreaks.

Phases One and Two

COVID-19 Phase 2 Seniors Broward County

With phase one happening, state parks are open, elective surgeries are now allowed, and most retailers and restaurants are open with restrictions in place. However, visitors to senior living facilities remain prohibited. With that in mind, for the first two phases, these are the recommended guidelines to follow:

  • Seniors (those over the age of 65) and those with underlying health conditions should continue to follow stay-at-home guidelines, sheltering in place and avoiding those who may be infected and asymptomatic, to limit exposure to COVID-19.
  • Employers have been encouraged to make accommodations for those who are high risk, allowing telework .
  • For those returning home from work to homes shared with high-risk individuals, precautions should be taken to protect those most vulnerable.
  • Avoiding shopping trips, visits with family and friends, and dining out is still important for those in the high-risk groups.
  • If going out, individuals should always wear masks, wash their hands frequently, and use hand sanitizer when hand washing is not possible. Remember, not to touch areas of your face until you can properly sanitize.
  • Senior adults and those with chronic health issues should maintain social distancing (6 feet) from others.

Phase Three

COVID-19 Phase 3 Broward County Seniors

In the final phase of reopening, seniors and other most vulnerable to infection will be able to resume normal public interactions. Until that point, the government’s guidelines recommend senior adults continue with social distancing, limit time spent in large groups, and continue to shelter-in-place.

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Protecting those Most Vulnerable

Throughout the reopening phases, the goal is to protect those most impacted by the Coronavirus, including senior adults and high-risk individuals. These individuals should continue to avoid close contact with those outside their homes, observe physical distancing, and avoid large gatherings (more than 10).

Self-isolation is still required for those who must travel after they return home. Face masks are strongly recommended when interacting face to face with others and when social distancing is not practical.

Getting Help When You or Your Loved One Needs It

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