Introducing Home Care to Seniors: 6 Things You Can Do to Ease the Transition

Introducing Home Care to Seniors
Senior woman with her caregiver at home

Introducing home care to seniors can be tricky for some. Seniors can struggle to let a stranger into their lives and see them in a vulnerable state. Yet, in-home care is for both health and hygiene.

Introducing home care to a senior may take some creativity.  But don’t worry if you’re not the creative type.  We’re going to give you some easy-to-follow ideas.

Read on for our top six ideas to ease seniors into the transition of home care!

1. Have a Chat About Home Care for Seniors and What Perks They’ll Get

Introducing home care to a senior may be as easy as having a conversation about the perks. They might not know what a senior home care provider will do. This is where you can explain the process, and the benefits they get with senior home care.

These perks include staying clean and helping with medical issues. You can opt to have a health aid visit or a registered nurse.

2. Approach Them with Gentility and Understanding

Forcing a senior into having a caregiver isn’t the best decision. But what do you do when getting help seems inevitable? Many seniors feel upset because they’re not making the decision.

Letting them conclude that home care is the best option may help them feel better.  Knowing this, you can better steer your conversation with them.

3. Let Them Share Their Fears, Then Help Them Through It 

Another element that makes seniors uncomfortable is fearing home care providers. You can share paperwork showing someone’s qualifications and their ratings. Aim to prove that this service is legitimate and knowledgeable.

4. Accommodate Their Requests as Best You Can

Along with fears, accommodate your senior’s requests. If they’re uncomfortable with a male aid or female aid helping them undress, listen to them. Not listening could cause them to struggle more with a loss of dignity.

5. Remind Them It’s to Help Them Continue Living on Their Own

Remind them that home care is not a nursing home or assisted living. Be sure to mention they’ll still have the freedom of enjoying home. Tell them that this is only to make their life easier.

While they’ll still be able to complete chores alone around the house, they’ll also have someone to help them and keep them company.

6. Give Them Time

Like any transition in life, it takes time to adjust to the changes. At first, a senior may hate the idea. But as they see the perks and assistance they have, they’ll begin to warm up to the idea.

Remember, the key to convincing a stubborn senior is gentility and communication.

Introducing Your Senior to Home Care with Trustworthy Companies

Home care for seniors is a great tool to help them continue living a good quality of life. We understand their hesitation and strive to approach seniors with the highest regard. As a non-profit community for caring, our main focus is the health and happiness of our seniors.

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