What to Do if Your Aging Parents Refuse Help

What to Do if Your Aging Parents Refuse Help

We come into this world naked, afraid, and helpless. Hopefully we grow strong and live long lives, but eventually, we know our strength will leave us and we will become old and maybe helpless again. Our mothers and fathers cared for us once, but now they need our help.

It can be difficult learning how to deal with aging parents. Especially if they resist the help you have to offer. Keep reading for your quick guide to maintaining your sanity and learning how to adapt to your new role in life.

Reversal of Caretaker Roles

Many people find their caretaking roles reversed with their parents over time. The idea of helping elderly parents can be a shocking role reversal for any child who was once nurtured themselves, but who now must take on the role of caretaker. Fortunately, you’re not the first person to go down this path, there is professional help available.

If this change is shocking to you, imagine how your parents feel? Stripped of their strength, and possibly their minds, they become dependent upon those who once depended on them. Some people have a hard time dealing with this season of their life and may resist the help you try to offer.

Know Your Place

You may know what’s best. But that doesn’t mean that life has to unfold the way you think it should. It’s not your life we’re talking about here.

Consider that you don’t have to get your way. This isn’t about a battle of wills, this is about being present and offering your help to someone you love. Families sometimes fight and squander the time they have left in this moment of pressure.

Arguments, hostility, revenge, and anger won’t help in this new place you’ve come to. You will need strength, love, and patience from here on out. Take a deep breath and take your time.

Conspire With Your Siblings

If you have brothers and sisters, it’s very important that you all get on the same page and present a united front to your parents. If there is a disagreement about what to do, you should not force your elderly parents to take sides, pitting one child against the other. It’s your responsibility as mature adults to work it out in a civil and respectful manner.

Get a Lawyer

If your parents have any assets, now is the time to get organized. There are many mundane reasons you may need an attorney. If you need to make decisions for your parents without their consent, you’ll absolutely need an attorney to walk you through it.

This is a realm where you 100% are not qualified to make decisions. Estate planning, probate, and family law are all extremely complex. You are going to need the advice of a qualified attorney to take care of your parents if they have any assets.

Get Help for Aging Parents

You have to take care of yourself first if you are going to be of use to aging parents. Part of that care is knowing when to ask for help. Getting professional help with elderly care doesn’t have to be confusing or difficult if you know where to turn.

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