The Crucial Role of Home Care in Navigating Care From Afar

A senior couple FaceTime with their daughter and granddaughter who live far away, emphasizing the important role of home care in ensuring senior loved ones have the support they need when family members can’t be there to help.
Learn about the important role of home care in helping older loved ones who live at a distance find the care and support they need.

With families today often scattered across cities, states, or even countries, the challenges of caring for aging loved ones from a distance are becoming increasingly common. According to a report by AARP, nearly 15% of caregivers in the United States are providing care long-distance. The logistical hurdles to long-distance care can seem insurmountable, leaving family members at a loss for how to help their family members age in place safely and comfortably. In such situations, the role of home care is crucial, offering support, peace of mind, and a lifeline for families navigating the complexities of long-distance caregiving.

How to Help a Loved One From a Distance

  • Create a local support network. When you live far from an older loved one, having local people and/or organizations you can count on for help is key. A support network could consist of the person’s neighbors, faith community members, or local friends who can check in from time to time or assist as needed. Make sure you have a list of each person’s contact information so you can reach them easily and check in with them often to gauge how your loved one is doing and if any changes have been noticed.
  • Use helpful technology. The safety and security of older adults is important, especially when you’re not just down the street. Embracing technology can help families stay in touch and ensure loved ones are protected. Personal emergency response systems (PERS), like those offered through Jewish Family Home Care, provide older adults with an immediate link to emergency services should a fall or other event arise.
  • Be strategic about your visits. While hearing from local friends and using helpful technology are beneficial, nothing beats an in-person visit. When visiting your family member, make sure to check in with the local support network to see if any new issues have arisen or if any members can no longer assist. Spend as much time with your loved one as possible to see for yourself how they get around the home and if they need more help. If possible, have your visit coincide with a doctor’s appointment so that you are up-to-date on the person’s health.

The Role of Home Care for Long-Distance Caregivers

Finding the right help for a loved one who lives at a distance is very important. In-home care offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to the individual requirements of the care recipient, ensuring that they receive the attention and assistance they need to maintain a high quality of life in the comfort of home. Whether it’s assistance with daily activities, medication management, or companionship, home care provides a flexible and personalized solution.

  • Peace of Mind: Home care services provide a sense of security for long-distance caregivers, knowing that loved ones are receiving professional and compassionate care in the comfort of their own homes. Regular updates and communication offered by an award-winning home care agency, like Jewish Family Home Care, help alleviate concerns and keep distant family members informed about a loved one’s well-being.
  • Customized, RN-Created Care Plans: Each individual has unique needs and our RNs create personalized care plans that address specific requirements and preferences. This tailored approach to in-home care services ensures that the care recipient receives the assistance they need without unnecessary interventions.
  • Professional Oversight: Trained and experienced caregivers bring a level of professionalism to home care that can be reassuring for long-distance caregivers. Our RN-supervised caregivers not only provide physical assistance, but also offer emotional support, fostering a holistic approach to care.

If you are a long-distance caregiver who would like greater peace of mind regarding a loved one’s care, Jewish Family Home Care is here to help. We are an award-winning, non-profit agency serving people of all faiths, and our home care services are the perfect solution for families with older loved ones who live far away. We not only offer PERS that connect older adults to caregivers, family members, and emergency services at the press of a button, but we also provide professional, RN-supervised in-home care services that can include 24-hour and overnight care to ensure loved ones are safe and secure day and night.

If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us any time at 954-908-5677 and we will be happy to schedule an in-home consultation for a loved one. The Jewish Family Home Care team is proud to offer in-home care services in Coconut Creek, Hallandale Beach, Hollywood, and all of Broward County.