Signs You Need Help at Home and Should Get Senior Home Care

senior home care

You might be scared when realizing that your loved ones need help at home, or guilty for not being able to help them yourselves. However, did you know that over 12 million Americans needed senior home care in 2007? And the numbers have only increased.

The team at Jewish Family Home Care, providers of professional home care in Coconut Creek, FL and nearby areas, want to assure you of one thing — you aren’t alone. Keep reading to discover some signs that the senior in your life might be in need of a full-time caregiver.

Change In Personal Appearance

People’s personal routines can change throughout their lifetime, but there are always little habits that stick around. For instance, perhaps your grandma can’t bring herself to wear a wrinkled shirt, and your grandpa has always tucked his t-shirts into his jeans.

When these little habits begin to disappear, it might be that they aren’t forgetting to do them. If your grandma is suddenly wearing wrinkled clothes and has ratty hair, and your grandpa never tucks in his shirts anymore, it’s time to start looking for other signs that they might need help.

Random Bruising

Random bruising can seem insignificant when you’re young. However, in an elderly person, it can mean they’re losing mobility or beginning to forget where furniture is positioned in their house.

Another sign of a loss of mobility is when markings and indents begin to show up on walls and the edges of furniture. They might be constantly pressing down on the back of the couch to get across the living room, for instance.

A Decline in Household Cleanliness

Another sign that a senior needs help is an apparent change in the cleanliness of their home. If they are meticulous about keeping everything, and suddenly dishes are always piling up and all the surfaces are dusty, it could be a sign that they are forgetting to do their normal chores.

Another tell-tale sign of this is the smell of urine. Most people are ashamed to admit it, but it can be extremely difficult for some seniors to make it to the bathroom in time. A subject like this should be handled delicately.

Weight Loss

A particularly dangerous sign of aging parents is a noticeable change in weight. Seniors will often skip meals or even forget to eat at all. This symptom tends to sneak up on the caregiver, and it can be difficult to persuade an aging senior to eat when they don’t want to.

If you buy groceries for the house or cook meals for the week, check in and make sure the food is being eaten.

It’s Okay To Need Help At Home

One thing to also remember is that there’s no shame in asking for help. Being a caregiver is a fulltime job, and different seniors have different needs.

It’s always hard watching the people you care about age and grow farther away from you, as well as frustrating for them. It is often helpful to hire a professional who is trained to help your loved ones during this time in their lives.

If you think you may be ready to arrange help at home for your loved one, click here to learn more about Jewish Family Home Care, experts in home care in Hollywood, FL and the surrounding area.

Don’t forget to read some testimonials from people who have already contacted Jewish Family Home Care. It’s our mission to help you and your loved ones through this new and uncertain time in their lives.