Taking Care of an Aging Parent

Taking Care of An Aging Parent

As the Baby Boomer generation is quickly approaching retirement age, the likelihood of  living with and caring for an aging parent becomes a great concern.  Wanting a parent to have the quality of life they deserve, and preventing the admission to a nursing home, is something family members take seriously and think about often. When you are ready to start the process of having a parent live with you, we have put together an easy guide you may want to follow to ease the way.

Taking Care of an Aging Parent

It is only natural that most senior adults  may want to remain in their homes for the remainder of their lives. However, you may need to take into account that some assistance for your aging loved one may be necessary for multiple reasons.

Making an accurate assessment of your parent’s needs and wants, can assure that both you and your parent will be in agreement when it is time to have assistance in the home.  Some of the things you might do to assist your elderly parents might include improving their home safety, preparing their meals and making sure that they remain social.

An essential part of being successful with  helping your parents, is to find out what they’re comfortable with in terms of care. How much or how little care they are comfortable without feeling overwhelmed.   If they feel like they’re being ignored or that changes are made too quickly, it will not make life easier for you or them. Another critical aspect of helping your elderly parents is figuring out what their financial needs will be. Do you need to make repairs or modifications to their home to improve their quality of life? Will you need to budget in grocery bills and care-giving supplies?

Obtaining the services of a home care professional to assist with chores and even live with your parent can make things much more manageable. Knowing that someone will be there for you parent at all hours can provide true peace of mind.

Considering Your Parent’s Needs

Unless the individual in question is incapable of making their own decisions, every elderly person wants to feel included in decisions that impact their lives. Making sure   not to make your parents feel like their life situation  is a burden to you or your family is of utmost importance.

The most important thing for older adults living on their own is to feel both independent and connected. Many of our senior population are very much aware of their dwindling ability to care for themselves, their spouse, and even their homes. Accepting that they may no longer be able to complete their daily chores on their own, or even keep themselves clean and hygienic, can be a difficult realization- especially for people who are used to being independent. Try to keep this delicate issue in mind when you are having a discussion about this topic with your parents.

Open and transparent communication can go a long way towards preventing disagreements. While this may not prevent every argument, having your parents know that you love them, and worry about their well-being, can help ease them into the idea of home care.

Returning the Favor

Our parents raised us, fed us, and did everything in their power to help us succeed in life.  As the leading provider of  senior home care in Pembroke Pines and the surrounding areas, we know you want the best for them at the time of their need. Helping them stay happy and independent for as long as possible should be the goal. If /when you need help figuring out the next steps for your senior parent’s  needs, please contact Jewish Family Home Care today! One of our experienced intake coordinators can help you understand the best option for your parent’s needs and ease you into the next phase of family life together.