What is Non-Medical Home Care and Why Would You Need It?

Non-Medical Home Caregiver

Are you worried that your elderly loved ones are struggling with doing daily tasks and keeping up with personal hygiene? Do you worry that they may injure themselves trying to do it alone?

Non-medical home caregivers are perfect for elders who struggle with daily activities and need assistance with tasks ranging from bathing and grooming to medication reminders and traveling to doctors’ appointments. Knowing that your loved one is in good hands will provide your family a peace of mind, not to mention a bit of relief for those providing care while balancing their own family/work life.

Over 50 million Americans are above the age of 65 years – Every day 10,000 people turn 65 years old. As the population of seniors increases in our society, more and more people require assistance. As we age, it’s natural to find things that were once simple for us, more difficult and generally unsafe than before.  This process may result in a need for guidance or care and assistance from others in order to maintain health and prevent accidents. Seniors don’t necessarily need to move to a nursing home or assisted living facility when daily tasks become more of a struggle. Instead, they can utilize home care services catered to the areas they are personally needing assistance with and continue living happily, healthily, and safely at home.

What Is Non-Medical Home Care?

Non-medical home care is the provision of care and daily assistance to the elderly in their own home. As we age, we soon realize that we can’t perform the most basic activities. For example, you may find that you can no longer drive to the grocery store or you can’t climb into the tub or bend down to wash your body.

This can be frustrating and may make some feel like they are losing their freedom. As if that’s not enough, some are met by the decision of whether they need to be displaced from their home and go live in an assisted facility or nursing home. You can avoid making this decision by getting a home health aide right at home.

• Home Care Services

A home health aide, also known as a senior caregiver, assists with light housekeeping, bathing, dressing, cooking meals, medication management, restroom assistance, transportation, and much more. This ensures that you are getting all the services you may not be able to do by yourself but get to remain comfortable in the familiar environment of our home.


In addition to the daily task assistance, our caregivers provide companionship to seniors . Many seniors find themselves lonely as they get older, especially if they stop driving to do errands, can’t be active anymore, live at home alone, or might be adapting to living after the death of a loved one.

For this reason, they might need someone to cheer them up and keep them company. When caregiving at an elderly’s home, we pay attention to their likes and dislikes, personality, and character when matching our caregivers to them.

• Personal Care Assistance

Sometimes the elders may need personal care assistance to carry out some of the basic chores in their home. Home care services provide elders with a caregiver who helps them do some of the things that they can’t do for themselves.

With the natural aging process, seniors may not be able to do some of the tough chores like cleaning the top shelves and vacuuming the house. Additionally, they may need transportation to their doctor appointments. Since family members may not be around to ensure this happens, hiring non-medical home care giving is the right choice to make.

• Meal Preparation and Nutrition Monitoring

It’s important for elderly seniors to maintain a balanced diet and eat the right portions of food. Sometimes it may be hard for them to prepare a meal, especially every day, multiple times a day. Thus, they require assistance from home caregivers.

Caregivers ensure that there is enough food in the home, assist with meal preparation, and wash up afterward. Moreover, they ensure that the food has not expired and it’s safe to eat.

Additionally, home caregivers can take elders for grocery runs and help them pick their favorite groceries as well as groceries in line with dietary recommendations from the doctor.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to stress about how you will take care of your seniors anymore. Non-medical home care provides daily assistance with tasks, companionship, and assistance to carry out basic chores for your seniors. Contact us and learn more about our home care in Coconut Creek, FL and nearby areas, and how our qualified caregivers can aid in creating a safe, healthy environment right at home for your elderly loved ones.