Caring for Seniors of All Faiths


Post-Surgical Home Care FAQs

We recommend that you talk to your physician to determine recovery needs and the anticipated length of time to return to health. Based on his or her answers, you may wish to have your home cleaned before your loved one’s surgery so there is a sterile environment for them to return to. Post-operative seniors are very vulnerable, so we recommend doing a deep clean of anything that may spark infection or sickness. Shop for foods that follow clients’ diet requirements. Be sure to get the aftercare directions from your physician and pick up prescriptions or over the counter medications for post-surgery recovery.
Yes, all of our caregivers are licensed and have many years of experience providing post-surgical care as well as non-post-surgical care.
Yes. We closely monitor patient recovery and we can assist with tasks small and large. Even a short trip to the bathroom can seem monumental after a surgical procedure.
Before your procedure, ask your doctor what to expect after the surgery and discuss your options with your family and loved ones. Then give us a call at Jewish Family Home Care. We can help you create a custom-tailored plan that will help the recovery process and suit your needs.
We can be there for as little or as long as you need us. Select from a variety of care options, including overnight or 24-hour care. There are no contracts to sign for the amount of time you MUST use.