Enhancing Quality of Life with Customized Care Plans

Hurricane Preparedness for Seniors

Find out how our care plans ensure the best quality of life for our clients.

Perhaps you recently received a call that’s left you rattled. Mom fell while getting out of bed and couldn’t get up. Dad forgot that he left the stove on and burned a pan. Or maybe you’ve been providing care for a loved one, but a new job means you’ll have less time for caregiving. Incidents like these mean one thing — it’s time to make a plan for care.

Planning for an older loved one’s care is an important step, and one that professional in-home care agencies like Jewish Family Home Care take very seriously. Care plans ensure the best quality of life, helping to make sure a person is safe, medication is taken on time and correctly, and social, emotional, and physical needs are taken care of.

What Makes Up a Great Care Plan?

When developing a personalized care plan, Jewish Family Home Care’s RN-led care team will take a variety of factors into consideration, including:

  • The home environment: The ability to age in place in the comfort of home is a huge benefit of in-home care. In order to provide care at home, though, it is essential to ensure that the home environment is safe and conducive for services. Our team will assess the person’s home and can recommend modifications to improve safety and access to daily-used items, and make life easier in general.
  • Lifestyle: An individual’s lifestyle is a crucial component of a care plan. Supporting and maintaining a person’s routines can help them feel more comfortable with accepting the help of a caregiver. When creating a care plan, we carefully consider daily schedules, personal preferences, likes, and dislikes to ensure that we provide the type of care that makes the person comfortable. This information also helps us in selecting a caregiver who is most compatible with the older adult, which is another important factor in the care plan.
  • Physical needs: Assessing physical needs is a key part of the care plan process. Whether a person needs help with eating, bathing, dressing, walking, or transferring, our caregivers can provide the support needed to ensure all physical needs are met. We can also assist with doctor-recommended exercise programs to help maintain physical fitness and flexibility.
  • Social needs: Due to common circumstances, such as living at a distance from family, a spouse dying, or loss of mobility, older loved ones are often prone to social isolation. This can lead to depression and a risk of other chronic illnesses as well, which is why we take each person’s social needs into account when creating a care plan. Our caregivers are excellent companions who encourage participation in enriching activities, exercise, or engaging discussions.
  • Family needs: An older adult’s support system and family members are an important aspect of a comprehensive care plan. We work closely with the family to determine respite care needs, educate about other resources that can fill gaps in care, and discuss any other ways we can assist with caring for the individual.

All of these factors working together help ensure an exceptional experience for older adults and enhance quality of life.

At Jewish Family Home Care, we understand the importance of a personal care plan. Before any home care services are scheduled or performed, one of our nurses develops a customized plan of care based on each person’s needs, goals, and more. Additionally, care plans are reviewed every 60 days by a nurse to determine if any changes need to be made as conditions progress or improve.

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