Caring for Seniors of All Faiths


Reducing the Risk of Injury

As our loved ones age, they want to continue living an independent lifestyle and stay in their cherished homes, but there are increased risks for living at home with limited capability to carry out daily activities without assistance. For your senior to age comfortably and safely, having a compassionate and trained caregiver will help reduce these risk factors. Contact us online or call us at 954-908-5677 to learn how we can help with professional in-home care services.

Risk Factors For Falling

Researchers have identified several major risk factors for fall-related accidents based on a combination of different health conditions and environmental surroundings. The benefits of in-home care provide your loved one with detailed care and assistance while maintaining their independence, reducing their risk of falling, and improving their overall health and quality of life. Here are some of the main conditions and risk factors that can be changed or modified to help prevent falls:

It becomes challenging for our loved ones when they need outside support due to limited mobility or diminishing health that could lead to fall-related accidents. Jewish Family Home Care provides the support needed for your senior loved one with compassion and understanding.

How Our In-Home Care Can Help Your Senior

Our mission at Jewish Family Home Care is to help seniors live in a safe environment with dignity in the comfort of their own homes. Our in-home care services provide support with a compassionate and loving human touch which can eliminate the need to move to a nursing facility.

One type of home care services Jewish Family Home Care offers is live-in home care which is a form of care providing around-the-clock assistance from a caregiver. The two main types of home caregiver situations are 1) those who live in the client’s home, and 2) those who work extended shifts and rotate with another caregiver. This type of care is best suited for seniors who need non-medical daily living assistance during the day but have higher care needs during the night. Our live-in home care ensures your senior loved ones are well-taken care of without the worry of fall-related accidents that might occur.

Post-surgical home care is another type of home care service that Jewish Family Home Care offers. This type of care is needed following hospitalization or post-injury. Our gentle and attentive caregivers will assist with your loved one’s post-operative treatment plan, such as

Diet requirements and medications are usually part of the healing process and seniors may forget to eat properly or take their medications at the appropriate times. Your Jewish Family Home Care caregiver can help monitor medications, prepare meals and wash up, and assist with tasks if required medicines are giving your loved one side effects of dizziness or lack of steadiness of their feet. We can also help with a smooth recovery by driving to follow up appointments, picking up prescriptions, preparing meals according to dietary requirements, and other duties as needed. The overall benefit of post-surgical home care is making sure your loved one recovers as best and quickly as possible in the comfort of their own home, preventing re-admission to the hospital due to falling and reinjuring themselves.

Respite care is also another service provided by Jewish Family Home Care. If you’ve taken on the role of caring for your senior loved one, you know this can become time-consuming and difficult. If you are struggling with other life commitments such as work or family, you may be ready for some assistance. Whether it’s a few hours, a day, a week, or even a few weeks, you can take a break to handle these commitments without worrying about caring for your loved one and knowing they are in good hands. This is where our respite care comes in.

Getting Started with Our Broward County Home Health Aides for Improved Quality of Life and Fall Prevention

Self-confidence is a major factor in fall prevention. Our experienced and trained fall prevention caregivers can give your aging seniors the boost of confidence they need in order to feel confident living in their homes by aiding with high-risk tasks where they might injure themselves.

We are the largest and most trusted home care agency in Broward County and are committed to helping you and your family find the appropriate services for your loved one. Home care Pembrooke Pines services give seniors the opportunity to continue living in the comfort of their own home and help build their confidence overall. Contact Jewish Family Home Care for a consultation or call us now at 954-908-5677. For a full list of locations served, visit our Service Area page.