In-Home Care Services Help Following Hospitalization

caregiver talking with senior man
In-home care services can help older adults in numerous ways who are transitioning from hospital to home.

Going home following a hospital stay is a big relief, but there are a number of logistical issues to consider. Depending on what the person was hospitalized for, whether it was for a scheduled surgery or for an unexpected medical event, managing care at home can feel overwhelming. Once home, life goes on. Meals need to be made. Bathing and personal care needs must be met. Follow-up doctor or therapy appointments must be scheduled. Adjustments to ensure safety around the house must be made. Fostering optimal recovery at home is important to reduce the risk of readmission to the hospital and achieve the best outcomes for the patient’s health.

To help a loved one have a successful transition home following a hospitalization, the care team at Jewish Family Home Care and Nursing Plus of Broward, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jewish Family Home Care, are here to help. Working together, we provide a wide array of non-medical and medical in-home care services to ensure a loved one is able to rest and heal at home, while also monitoring any changes in condition to prevent a rehospitalization.

Preparing to Come Home

A discharge from the hospital frequently means a lot of instructions to help maximize recovery. To help with the transition home, our knowledgeable team can work in partnership with you and the hospital’s care team to develop and implement a recovery plan that includes:

  • Noting the changes in condition, symptoms or warning signs that should be watched for
  • Scheduling in-home therapy services and follow-up medical appointments
  • Stocking the pantry with preferred foods for meals and snacks that adhere to a prescribed diet
  • Arranging for any essential medical equipment to be delivered and set up at home
  • Preparing a list of medications and detailing potential side-effects
  • Conducting an in-home safety assessment to reduce the fall risk
  • Creating a customized plan of care, outlining the plan for a successful return home and optimal recovery

How In-Home Care Services Help with Recovery

Following a hospital stay, an older adult will likely need assistance with a variety of day-to-day needs, and some individuals may need specialized nursing care. Our knowledgeable care professionals offer a variety of medical and non-medical in-home care services.

Quality In-Home Care from Jewish Family Home Care, may include:

  • Transportation home from the hospital
  • Assistance with personal care needs such as bathing, dressing, using the bathroom, eating, etc.
  • Assistance with light housekeeping chores, linen changes, and laundry needs.
  • Support with walking to prevent falls
  • Planning and preparing nutritious meals and adhering to any dietary restrictions
  • Monitoring and reporting any changes in condition or potential medication side effects
  • Medication reminders and transportation to doctors’ appointments
  • Friendly companionship and conversation
  • Encouragement and support for physician recommended exercise
  • And much more!

Comprehensive care solutions from Nursing Plus of Broward can help with:

  • Skilled nursing care
  • In-home occupational, speech, and physical therapy
  • Catheter care
  • Wound care, dressing changes, IV management
  • Medication administration, including intravenous infusions and/or IM or subcutaneous injections
  • Patient advocacy, to ensure your loved one is receiving the health services needed to recover
  • Social workers and care management
  • And much more!

Our non-medical and medical in-home care teams work together seamlessly to create an ideal care plan. Continuity of care helps individuals post-recovery who need on-going assistance with long-term health conditions such as COPD, cancer, chronic heart disease, diabetes, and more. What’s more, our trusted care team provides support for family caregivers, offering respite care services that enable them to take necessary time away to rest and recharge.

In-home care services, like those offered by Jewish Family Home Care, a leader Sunrise home health care services and care in the surrounding areas, help older adults heal safely and effectively at home. When paired with the services of Nursing Plus of Broward, a variety of specialized medical services are also available, everything from physical therapy to specialized nursing care. Together, our teams of caregivers, nurses, and physical therapists can work closely with your loved one’s healthcare team to develop a plan that promotes healing while meeting day-to-day needs.  Give us a call today at 954-908-5677 to learn how we can help your loved one transition safely back home and receive the healing care they need.